Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Writer's are Full of Useless Information

I had to giggle this week when one of my friends told me she could go on jeopardy and win because of all the random information she knows. Later on I got to thinking about the whole thing and had a realization that I was the exact same way. In my years of writing, my favorite part has always been the research piece. It brings to mind the movie quote from the funny yet overly dramatic Spice World(yes that is with the Spice Girls)..."Then there's the little Ginger one who's full of useless information."

Sometimes when I answer random questions or quote certain things I get "the look." Once I notice that I'm receiving said "look" I explain that I had to research it for a project once. Over the years I've looked up some really weird stuff and my novelist brain is thankful for my two favorite sites, Google and Wikipedia.

So for this project I had to research how many times the Stanley Cup has been won by the same team back to back. Oh wait I already knew the answer to that. I have two questions for my followers today. One, what is the weirdest thing you've ever had to research? Two, what was something you enjoyed researching the most.

My weirdest is what kind of damage could a hammer do to a human skull. Let me explain as my hometown nears the area where the Bloody Benders once inhabited. They have been an unsolved mystery there for years and intrigued me as a child. They killed travelers by bashing in their skulls with a mallet and slitting there throat.

My favorite was the filming process from script to screen. I used it to write a screenplay this summer about a director and his writer wife.

Let's see everyone else's opinions! If I don't get to talk to anyone before hand have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!

Holiday Shopping Tip of the Day:

The maps for Wal-mart's Black Friday are available on-line and they are specific for every store! Happy Shopping


  1. Sometimes people react to me like they do Cliff Claven. Remember Cheers? "It's a little known fact..."

    I don't think I could top the 'hammer to skull' research. My favorite is locations, when I'm researching a city for my MS.

    Your comment to me about Black Friday reminds me of an old blog post I might have to resurrect for Friday.

  2. Ooh ... gory! :) I really can't think of a weird search, but I am in love with Google. I search everything, but the thing I enjoy most is how to become a better writer. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Veronica! xo

  3. I get weird looks too. All a part of the journey, I figure.