Veronica Barton-Dean

At a young age Veronica had her nose stuck in a book-whisked away to magical place unlike her own-her love of reading turned into a love for writing.  Every kid in elementary school wrote books about friends and family, she wrote a book about her pets coming back to life and taking over the town.  By junior high when kids her age were reading The Babysitter's Club, she was enjoying her first Harlequin Romance novel and memorizing parts of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.  The written word had become her obsession and has stayed that way every since.

Over the years she has found herself often writing but never submitting to publishers.  That is in the process of changing as you can follow her adventures in getting her novel Admist the Fog and the follow up novel Fire and Ice published.  Her current Work-in-Progress is a family favorite with a working title of The Witch and the Rockstar!  In the progress of writing this novel the whole family has gotten involved: naming characters, writing spells and researching witches.

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