Friday, November 13, 2009

Countdown to New Moon!

Last year-about this time-I had a friend ask me if I'd read the Twilight series. Apparently I was one of the only people in the universe who hadn't. She informed that I would love the series and should try it. On her recommendation I did just that. I read the first five chapters and HATED it. If I don't care for a book I don't finish it. So I'm talking to my friend about it and she's like seriously get past that fifth chapter and I swear you'll love it. Then another friend told me the exact same thing. With the release of the movie I thought I would try again, so I picked it back up and read the sixth chapter and than the seventh, before I knew it the week was over and I had read the entire Twilight Saga. Well my friends were right, I loved it. I'm huge on vampire literature and so I quickly became sucked into the mania surrounding the movie.

With the release of New Moon around the week to be exact, my house is full of excitement. My daughter-who thinks Alice is the coolest thing on the planet next to Nick Jonas-is counting down the days. She's been making me quiz her about the movie and books. She proudly boosts about the many times she went to see Twilight in the theater. For her headshots in March, she wanted a set with her Alice paraphernalia. To her it made sense to do it because Ashley Greene was her favorite actress and headshots help you get to be an actress.

My son is practicing his Edward run. He keeps asking me about the baseball scene which is his favorite scene in the movie. I'm scared maybe he won't like it because there is no baseball. He asked the other day if he would be faster than Edward on his ice skates. Kaiden's favorite vamp is a toss between Edward and Emmett. He did some promotional matieral for a release party and personally he could be Dr. Cullen's son.

The Twilight mania has found the Dean home and this week we will be discussing it on our blog. First I want to know if you've read the books and if you did what you thought. It's your opinion and too each their own, but we are going to have some fun till the New Moon rises.


  1. I love Twilight! I have since the books first came out! I am not a crazy obsessed fan though haha

  2. You are too funny!

  3. LOL, don't worry, the "bug" is our home too! My daughter and her friends are going to go watch the movie at EXACTLY midnight :) I must confess, I started to read the book but it's not really "my cup of tea" or should I say "my cup of blood" LOL.
    By the way, you have a lovely family!

  4. Green-We love the story and have a lot of fun with it.

    Rosie-You know me so well.

    Alina-I'm glad its not just my daughter. The book was hard for me a first. Thanks for the comment about my family. Those two keep us hopping.

  5. I enjoyed the books but found them lacking as literature. Personally I think the writing wasn't up to par. The last book was a failure to me.

    The books made the round in our family. My husband didn't like them at all. I don't blame him but I read plenty that I think are done poorly because I like some of the subject matter.

    Some of the characters were enjoyable. I liked Alice because of her character and Jacob because I'm more of werewolf girl than a vamp girl.

    The hype is WAY overrated. As a parent I'm glad I read them. It lead to good discussions with my kids about what took place in the book such as emo teens, a sex focused society and what love really is.

    I'm glad, however, that it's something you and your family can share together. That's so extremely important and I find books to be one of the best things to share.