Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Need to be Outlining...but Can't Focus!

I do know where my focus is this week!  Maybe the Easter bunny needs to bring me a giant basket of it!  I need to be outlining!!!  My entire WIP is stuck in my head and I'm afraid if I don't get it out it will make my brain explode!  At first I blamed my problem having bought a new house this year.  You see when I outline I use sticky notes(everywhere).  The problem is I have no idea where to stick them!  It's an excuse...plain and simple excuse.  However, on Friday I was so ready and excited that I went out and bought my two whole new packs of sticky notes.  I haven't even opened them.  I held them in my hands for a while today but couldn't get any farther then that.  Does anyone else have this problem during the outlining and planning phase and if so what do you do to fix it?