Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cloudya's Top Ten Reasons You Should See New Moon and All the Reasons She Can't Wait To See It

Today Cloudya wanted to give you a list of reasons to go see New Moon as she can't wait for Friday.

1.) There's alot more action.

2.)For Team Jacob you'll get to see him alot more.

3.)Edward takes his shirt off.

4.)Can't wait for the birthday party scene, it changes everything.

5.)The Volturi are going to rock.

6.)Bella hallucinates Edward. Can't wait to see how they do that.

7.)Edward leaves. It will be as if I never existed...YEAH RIGHT!

8.)Bella finds out Jacob's a werewolf. Does she attract this things or what?

9.)Laurent finds Bella mouth watering and it starts a new chain of events.

10.)Alice steals a car...Alice drives like a manic...Alice is my favorite character and I can't wait to see the crazy things she will do.


  1. Great picts & thoughts. Can't wait to see New Moon next week, either!!!

  2. That's cute. Good reasons! I'm excited to see how the book transforms on the screen. Love that ballet photo of your daughter (?) with the book.

  3. I just saw Twilight's author, Stephenie Meyer, on Oprah Friday. I didn't know this, but she's a stay-at-home mom and had not written anything in her life, not even a journal. This all came about from a dream she had. Isn't that amazing?! I was in total shock! hmmm... So if she made it, so can we!
    Maybe I should take my dreams of books a little more seriously! :)

  4. I know, regardless of her subject matter she can be a writing inspriration to us all. It is amazing for all of us who have a dream and defintly those of us whose novels were born from one. Ellie your poetry is amazing and I have no doubt if your novel is half as good you will go far.

  5. Caroline-it is a pic of my daughter. Both her and my son did promotional matieral for the Walmart release parties for Twilight. Kaiden had to be dressed like a character. Cloudya had to be "caught" reading Twilight in a odd place.

  6. Cool picture! I'll be going to see New Moon.