Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reading, Writing and Arithmetics

If you read Thomas' post earlier this week you learned that our daughter begin the new school year, so our house has been absolutely crazy. Cloudya is our actress-aspiring oldest child. After meeting her new teacher she discovered that he is big on writing which she has been complaining about ever since. See she doesn't enjoy reading or writing either one. Thomas and I often wonder how she came from two people who do both rather fervently. After all it took me all of a week to read the Twilight series for the first time and Thomas can whip out a novel in a matter of months.
Many people believe that the love for these start at an early age by doing these activities with your children. It wasn't like we didn't do this with her. We still even read together quite a bit, but she only stays interested if I help read the things aloud. They took their first trip to the library this week and instead of finding books she could read and would read she picked three books about dinosaurs. Its a good subject science, but she's only going to look through it. In fact the last book she read cover to cover contained her three favorite subjects...The Jonas Brothers. Although she can tell you what kind of ice cream Nick, Joe, and Kevin eat I don't think there was a lot of viable material in it. Sorry boys.
Today we are going to make a list of things she likes for example dinosaurs, vampires, and witches. Then we'll head to the bookstore and find a series that not only fits her reading level, but also peaks her interest in something so important. In the long run both subjects not only make her a better reader and writer, but also influence her acting.

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