Monday, August 10, 2009

Back To School

As everyone knows it is that time of year again, school is about to start. With that comes more and more craziness and tonight was no different. The first actual back to school event happened with the Open House and Meet the Teachers all in one. As much as I love school I have to say things like this particular event are out to make me insane.

I know that not every PTO/PTA in the world is the same or as great as the last one we belonged to, but this one is far from comparison. The group is very small, which I have a feeling has to do with no need for commitment to the group. For example, tonight Veronica and I were in charge of the cookie table. Someone was supposed to relieve us from duty about 30 minutes into the night but about 5 minutes before the event was over Cloudya's teacher came down to meet us because we had not made it to him yet. As an organization there was not enough people to help relieve the 7 workers so that they could meet their children's teachers. The first meeting of the year which was last week had a total of 5 parents and two teachers - not a good showing, and I fear it will not be any better.

Now, onto better news. So the year is starting and things will be getting crazy. I can truly say I have loved not being a personal driver that needed to be somewhere every two hours. But, those days are over. I will back on the schedule - 8:30 Drop Cloudya off at school, 11:00 Kaiden to Ice Skating/Hockey Lessons, 12:30 Meet Veronica for Lunch, 3:00 pick up Cloudya, 4:00 or 5:00 be at Guitar/Dance/Karate Classes, 7:00 get everyone home and make dinner. Just thinking about all of it makes me tired. I know it is all for the best, and that in the long run everyone grows because of it I am just not sure I get to grow much.

There, is one major plus to Cloudya going back to school and it just being Kaiden and I at home - there will be time for me to focus on the next book. I pitched the idea to Veronica tonight and she seems to think that it could be a good one. I will get to use my main character for the last book, Alex Mitchellson, and also bring in another bit of my life to the book through the story of a very close friend of mine and Veronica's. We will see how long this one takes me to write, if I am lucky it will go as fast as the first one. Hopefully, I will have a second book ready to go when I head to the Writers Conference in San Fransisco.

So, I guess the key lesson to remember this school year is going to be "Keep focused, stay on the schedule, don't forsake the art I have, take deep breaths, and be sure to pack a snack." Take care everyone, and have a safe and happy start to the actual begining of the year.

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