Monday, August 17, 2009

Meet Darren Matthews

Meet Darren Matthews, okay, the pictures are really of actor Eric Bana. As most of you know I have been working on a new and old project entitled Amidst the Fog. Several years ago when I first began the character work on the project I needed to find someone who would help me visualize one of my characters.

One afternoon my daughter was watching the movie Troy. She has loved that movie forever and everytime she gets a chance watches it. Anyway, before Achilles comes to kill Hector, he shows his wife a secret way out of the city and it was in that moment that my character was truly born.

Growing up in a movie laden society has created monsters such as me that need something visually to relate to. There's nothing wrong with it at all. So yesterday, we get the new Men's Health magazine and who's on the cover? You guessed it. Eric Bana. Now that I'm reworking this project he proudly sits next to my computer. Maybe a little inspiration, but also a guilty pleasure since really he's not too rough on the eyes.

Truly meet Darren Matthews, a veteran NHL player who has been traded to a rookie-laden team. He's the typical tall dark and handsome type, but isn't afraid to let the stubble show through. His dad was a hard working FBI agent. On the night of his first NHL game his dad was gunned down in a sting that went bad. He watched as his once love-stricken mother wasted away to a cold and bitter human being. After that he swore off any kind of relationships at all. That is until he meets Madison Croughlin. To be Continued...

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