Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love for Reading Starts Young

As many writers and readers my passion for reading began an an early age.  Today when I learned about the death of Jan Berenstain co-writer for The Berenstain Bears it saddened me to the core.  These books are some that would take to the back yard and hide in my reading spot so I could read them for hours.  My first copy of the book in the picture fell apart because I had read it so much.  Today I enjoy reading these to my kids as well as my daycare kids.  Children's book will never be the same-RIP Jan!  Thank you for giving me so many great stories over the years!


  1. It is true that stories you read or hear as a child stay with you forever. So do songs. That's one reason I sometimes worry that not enough attention is paid to what kids hear, both spoken and sung.

    I'm sad too to hear about the Berenstein death.

  2. Veronica and Thomas, I am tagging you because you are one of my fellow campaigners. I have questions for you to answer on my blog and look forward to your responses to them and who you tag in return.


  3. I loved these stories when I was young, too. So sad about Jan Berenstein. My son loves those books as well!