Friday, February 10, 2012

A Fantastic Friday Foto Challenge

I stumbled across this picture last weekend during our road trip to Minnesota.  My husband instantly fell in love with the dark barn as the climax of his last novel takes place in such a place as this.  It is inspiring today's fun and maybe even more Friday writing challenges to come!

Here are the details:
1.  Write a paragraph with describing the barn or an event taking place in the barn.  Remember this is 1 paragraph.
2.  There is a 200 word limit to your paragraph.  If you go over you are out!
3.  All entries should be posted in the comment section of this blog.  Do not email them to me.
4.  All entries most be received by noon on Monday.
5.  We will post our finalists on Wednesday for everyone to vote and announce the winners on Friday.
6.  The contestants need to be followers of this blog.  So if someone wants to enter they just need to follow.
7.  Spreading the word everywhere about the contest is okay, but please don't use social sights to promote people voting.
8.  The winner will receive a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card!

Have fun!  Spread the word!  See you next week!



  1. Darn, you don't ask easy. The brain is fried today. I'll see if I can do one for you -if the brain cooperates...

    Thanks for stopping by the blog.:-)


  2. No problem Sia! I'm looking forward to reading your posts!

  3. What a great idea! I'll tweet this post so others can see it.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  5. Okay I guess I'll go first. I love a good flash challenge... 150 Words here:

    I’ll never forget the sound of the rain, the way it pounded so heavily on the roof of abandoned barn. I’ll never forget how the wind raged through the spaces in the boards and made me shiver, or the feeling of his soaking wet hair against my cheek as he leaned in to whisper that I was beautiful. I’ll never forget that I was the Preacher’s daughter and he was the Schoolmaster’s son and we were never going to be forgiven for what we’d done that day if anyone found out. I’ll never forget how he looked at me, the love in his eyes that I’d never seen before in anyone else and still see there, to this day, even as our daughter reaches the age I was then. I will always remember that despite the Hell that fell down on us both, I have never regretted a single thing.

  6. Thank you Lydia! Props to February for going first!

  7. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for following my blog! :)

  8. “He was standing right there in the doorway when he told me he was going to fight the Nazis. I told him he was too young and to listen to his mother. I could hear her wailing from all the way back at the farmhouse. He just said he knew what he had to do. I wanted to scream at him that he was stupid and demand he get back to his chores, but how could I be angry with him for defending his country? For saying all the things I had said to my father when I was his age. He took my hand and shook it with such strength and conviction I almost believed he was invincible. I held on to the feeling for two years until the Army came to my door. They told me he had died a hero. All I could see was the image of my beautiful boy standing before me that day. So much a man but still so much the child I played catch with for hours after dark in the fields. I have not so much as set foot in that barn since.”

  9. I didn't see this early enough to try and come up with an entry. I will try next time. I just wanted to say hi, and thank you for visiting & following my blog

  10. Tagged you for ‘I’ve Been Tagged’ list. (compliments of Misha)

    My post, the list of 11 bloggers and all the details are HERE: DG Hudson - Rainforest Writing:

    Hope you can participate.

  11. What a gorgeous picture. I'm enamored with photos that bring out the best atmosphere in something that could be ordinary! Thanks for sharing!