Friday, November 18, 2011

Editting Life

Those of you who have been following this blog know that I have often struggled with time to write due to crazy work schedule at Wal-mart. Over the last eleven years that time struggle killed my family life. Last year, I found myself having to miss a number of activities due to the inflexible schedule. By the end of hockey season I had taken enough of the sad faces from my kids and knew it was time to make a change.

Of course this time wasn't the first time I had thought about quitting, but I knew this time I was dead serious. Over the following month I enrolled in school and begin to plot out a business venture that would allow me to manage school and the kid's schedule.

In May, we opened our own daycare-which is something I had wanted to do years. By August, I was able to turn in my notice at Wal-mart. After eleven long years I closed that door forever. Regardless of my dislike of the amount of hours away from my family, I still worked with some amazing people and they have helped build the person I am now. Hopefully if my books every get published you will see some of them grace the pages.

Now that it is November I find myself with two new hockey sons, living in a completely new(and bigger house), and running my own business. This month particularly makes me a little homesick for the Wal-mart craziness as the dreaded Black Friday approaches. The folks I've shared this with think that I am a little crazy, but honestly when you've done it that long it becomes part of you. But then I think about the coming holidays and how for the first time I will be able to enjoy them with my family. On Christmas Eve morning last year I got a call from my mother in law while I was at the store. During the conversation, I told her that I was not going through the holiday craziness next year that I couldn't take it anymore. Wal-mart is behind me and although I can't tell the future I can tell you that there is a lot of family time and writing in my future.


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