Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coming in June...

Coming in favorite vampires of course. Is anyone else planning to or in the process of rereading Eclipse? How about watching all of the episodes from last season's True Blood? Let's just say in my house, June will be a busy month trying to catch up on those crazy vamps.

Why is that vamps are so appealing to all of us anyway?


  1. I love TRUE BLOOD as well as the books (on audio). I read the first one or two, then switched to audio. I find the audio better compared to reading, but that's just me. I also love the fact the TV series doesn't closely follow the books.

  2. I must admit I don't really understand the modern day obsession with the vampires and other nasty creatures as if we don't have enough of those in real life all around us :), but I also must admit I'm not sure who could resist watching Alexander Skaarsgard :) He's the main reason for enjoying the true blood :)

  3. Alexander Skaarsgard...beautiful! Honestly though I have a soft spot for Swedes.