Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who I Am

As we settle back into the normal routine in the Dean house, one thing I had to do was arrange the new semester's schedule for my daughter. Her day is typically packed between ballet, guitar and her extracurriculars at school, but we attempt to make time for other things as well. For example her daily schedule involves reading, writing in her journal, and taking time to practice her acting.

We spent the summer exploring expressions and emotions. During the fall we focused on movement. As we were deciding how we would spend our winter I thought about the little rules that we've made for her concerning her acting. They are very simple, but manage to keep her in line. One night while she was still at her grandma's house she called me and decided we should rename them. To her the idea of calling them rules meant that she couldn't have fun! You see Cloudya is a firm believer that acting is FUN and the reason she does it is to make people SMILE! I got her point immediately, so we are looking for a new name that doesn't sound so commitment orientated.

After the conversation I thought about what she said. One of her "rules" is be yourself and you'll always shine! The real question though is who are we really. As artists we are known to go "searching for ourselves." Maybe at this crucial time in her development its important to focus on that now. If you ask her why she likes Nick Jonas, she will give you a simple answer, but if you dig deeper its much more than that.

My nine year old knows who she is! She really does. This winter we are going to spend our time highlighting it. Rather we are actors or writers diving into our own personality can open up a world of opportunity and we invite you to go on that adventure with us!


  1. I'm on that journey with you. Thanks for the invite. :)

  2. Fun! Sounds like she's got it all figured out -- and so do you. :)

  3. This sounds like an exciting adventure.

    I'm along for the ride.