Friday, October 16, 2009

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Wordle: Black Box Confessional

Wordle: Amidst the Fog

I've been involved in different aspects of the entertainment industry from the time I could pretty much walk. I've learned the hard way that it could be a cruel and cut-throat world. Often times the critiques we receive are based in mere jealousy than honesty. It can be dangerous to not only our psyche, but our craft as well. As my own daughter tests the waters in this world, I try to keep her guarded from those who are so malicious. I allowed myself to walk away, simply due to one person finally breaking my artistic spirit and I've spent the last several years working to get it back.

As I've stepped back into what I love so much head first, through the blogging world I've been able to surround myself with people who are like me in many aspects. Some of them are working to achieve the same goals that I am-getting published of course. Others have already taken that road and are more than willing to share their experiences with the others. Ultimately, it will make our journey less rocky.

One of my favorite bloggers have consumed the Dean writers this week as he announced a first paragraph contest. During which writers could submit any first paragraph to a work in progress. In the end there were almost 2500 entries-which I finished reading at two o'clock this morning. What I've loved most about this is how each of us comes up with our own unique worlds to write in. How can people even say its all been done before. The better part was all the constructive comments we received throughout the process. In the end there will be ten finalists. Truthfully, I would love if Thomas and I were among them, but I found myself gaining even more from others works. I closed my laptop last night feeling so inspired by the writing community around me. Today the finalists will be announced and hopefully the constructive spirit continues.

Late last night there was an updated post that gave Thomas and I a new writing toy. It takes a manuscript(or anything you've written) and puts it into a collage format. It also allows a writer to pin point the words we use the most, so we're aware of the things we repeat. I've included ours at the top of the post for fun. Thomas' is the brown one and mine is black and white.

So until the next contest enjoy the Wordle fun and I urge all of you writers to check out the first paragraphs in the contest.


  1. I loved reading the first paragraphs. The more I read, the more reluctant I was to post mine. Sadly, that discouraging little voice inside me won. Good luck to you!

  2. Veronica, I know exactly what you're speaking of when it comes to the entertainment world. I used to work at a top spanish radio station out in NYC. We had many networking parties and galore, and if there was one thing I noticed was the fake smiles and vicious envy. Wish you and Thomas all the best! Crossing fingers for you both. :D

  3. That word collage thing is cool, isn't it? I laughed when I saw Nathan's of all the entries. The biggest one was like. I had that word in my first paragraph. Good luck to both of you. How is the query letter coming along?

  4. We aren't in the finalists, but like I said we enjoyed every minute of it. I loved reading everyone's work.

    Lily-I use to be that way to, but than I realized I'd never get there if I didn't face rejection. Unfortunately what we do is filled with it and often times it gets to us, so I understand. It took me along time to learn to let it roll off my back and learn from it.

  5. Susan-I was so proud. I didn't use the word like. Thomas' is working on his revisions for the query letter. He's a rejection hater, so this is the part he struggles with. Even though his book is better than anything I've ever written.