Saturday, October 17, 2009

In the Great In Between

The last couple of weeks I've been sorting through the gory editing process of my latest manuscript. It is no surprise that this is my least favorite part of the writing process. I know I'm not alone here in this as several of us probably wish the story could write itself with no mistakes or lengthy changes that need to be made. Nevertheless the edit has to continue for the manuscript to move on into its next place.

It is during this time that I find myself a little unfocused. The work feels forced more than the fun I usually have during the creative part of the process. Normally, I would continue on to my next project and at least begin the ground work, but its the time of year where my life is controlled by work. After all I'm a manager for Wal-mart and our crazy time of the year will officially begin in a short few weeks. Working on anything, but editing during this time causes the writing to be what I refer to as sloppy or lazy.

This craft is not something I can easily turn on and off. I go to bed thinking about projects, wake up wondering where my characters will take me and even at work try to manipulate passages in my head. My brain and heart want to move on as the new project ideas swirl inside me. I've been trying to apse it by writing short stories for a contest, but it hasn't quite quenched my appetite.

Regardless of work, I may have to go ahead and begin the next project, so I can continue to allow my creativity to be alive.


  1. Go for it! Even if you only have time to write 100 words a day, at least you are writing and, perhaps, quenching that thirst.

  2. I have the opposite problem. I'm obsessed with editing. I just posted about it the other day. I need to focus on the finish line, and then edit... but I constantly find myself back in the earlier chapters nipping and tucking!

  3. It sounds like your creativity is alive and well! Definitely keep feeding it when you can.

  4. I know exactly how you feel about being unfocused. That's how I've been feeling lately. More reading than writing for me. We'll work it out right?!

  5. Ellie...yes. I'm hoping we will work it out. Everything in us needs to work it out:)