Friday, August 10, 2012

My Excuse

Miss me?  Well I've missed all of you!  Might I say as well that I would have much rather have been here than what we were doing! 

So I have been rather busy recently moving...again.  In fact this is the second time we have moved this year!!!  Luckily we got rid of a lot of the unnecessary stuff during the last move!  Here's how all this went down...

At the beginning of July my husband was out on the road helping out his dad's business.  His dad had not been in the best health.  I was diligently running our in-home daycare and working on the expansions ideas I had for it and the possible move into its own building rather than in our home.  Our daughter had just started dancing again and our son was working on conditioning for the upcoming hockey season.  Tryouts for our next hockey son had already concluded and I had begun helping getting things lined up for the rest of the team. 

My husband comes home from traveling one weekend and hits me with a bombshell about his dad's health and then tells me we should move home(to Kansas City).  I thought about the word "home" for a minute and how nice it sounded.  We had moved to Omaha for my job which I eventually left so I could go back to school and we opened our own daycare.  I'm not going to lie...I was the most homesick out of everyone in the house!  Moving would complicate things.  New schools for the kids would be easy enough.  However, hockey would mean choosing between two programs in the KC area and coaches who didn't know how far they were allowed to push my kids.  Kaiden would have to earn his black belt from a new karate school.  As it stood he would be the youngest student to earn one at the school we were at and on top of that we had been there since moving to the big O.  Not to mention we would have no new hockey sons next year and how on earth was I going to tell my daycare parents!  We were comfortable and even with bouts of being homesick I knew this.

Well we committed to the move and unfortunately due to my car breaking down while in the process I had to close the daycare well before I wanted to do so and didn't get to tell any of my kiddos good-bye.  Obviously out of everyone I miss them most. 

Now we are in that adjusting stage.  We are living with my husband's parents-whom I adore-while we find us another house although we are in no hurry.  Most of our belongings are in storage but we did swap out living room furniture for ours.  Cloudy is enrolled for school, Thomas is helping with the business and Kaiden finally hooked his X-Box up which makes for a happy boy.  I am in the process of getting enrolled for school.  What's been missing is what I like to call the mojo.  I've been so busy trying to get everything else situated that I just haven't felt like writing at all.  At first I blamed it on the fact that the house is smaller and I had no place to focus and the constant interruptions of phone calls and knocks at the door.  They are all just excuses made up in my mind!  So our house was bigger in Omaha but there was still no quiet place to write with the daycare, two children, two teenage hockey boys and the dog.  In fact it was louder there and I probably got the least amount of writing done in that house than anywhere else we've lived.

 So after I stopped making up stupid excuses for myself I did what I always do when I'm in a slump-read.  In the last two weeks I have read seven books with a page count well over three thousand.  Last night I closed the last book to a series and laid in bed staring at the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling and finally after almost a month I could clearly think about my characters and the piece I had been working on writing.  It was a breathe of fresh air and the homecoming I had been waiting for all along.

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