Thursday, May 17, 2012

Water Rat

Kaiden and his buddy Crush at the Omaha Zoo.  Every time we visit this turtle follows Kaiden through the aquarium tunnel
Summer is almost here in the big O and we are super excited in my house!  My kids will return to their summer water rat status and Thomas and I will keep ourselves busy writing. 

My current WIP is about witches and not just any witches but the descendants of the Salem witches.  My main character Deliverance has a relationship with water like no normal person.  A trip to the zoo last week with Kaiden's class got me thinking about all the possibilities behind it. 

What would you do if you suddenly figured out that you could control water in ways you never thought possible?  Kaiden's answer was simply as he just wanted to be able to swim as well as his old buddy crush.  Me on the other hand would love to make rain dance.

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  1. Ahh really? Hahahha that's so hilarious, I'm sure the turtle loves Kaiden! :D