Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finish Strong

My absence in the blogsphere has been directly related to my mad obsession to finish my latest WIP. As its characters continue to haunt me, I'm forced to push them continously to their pages where they belong.

I was doing perfectly fine until this week. For example, tonight I sit here attempting to write a portion of the great reveal, but instead find my brain feeling like mush. That's a simile I know and I would get busted for it in writing school. Nothing seems to work right now to get me out of this funk. I've looked through my research. I've glanced through the pictures of the two goaltenders that inspired the story to begin with. Maybe my subconsious doesn't want me to finish, because I'm too attached to the characters. Whatever the reason, I sat at my work space frustrated with myself.

My son's hockey stick and puck sat beside me, so I picked it up for a bit of frustration relief. My grandfather taught me how to play hockey when I was only four years old. I'm a proud mother of five year old that likes to be on the ice as much as I did. Today at the rink I found myself saying the very words that my granddad had said to me so many years ago, "Finish strong." At my young age I didn't understand the words and I'm sure my son doesn't either, but in a moment like this I comprehend them completely.

As a writer I need to push through this mental block and finish my story strong. My question is what helps all of you as your winding down with your piece, but get stuck?

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  1. Oh, I wish I was winding down! I got stuck in the middle. I took a detour that didn't fit. Now, I'm on break from it while reading some books on the craft, looking for inspiration.

    Finish strong!